About Me

Lotta Spjut - Mind Your Buziness

I am so grateful to run a business in an industry that I'm genuinely passionate about, Personal- & Business Development, and Empowering & Inspiring others around the globe. At the same time, I am thankful that I get to work with so many people worldwide who are inspiring me.

I am Swedish, and my birth country is South Korea. However, I came to Sweden as a 3-month-old baby, so Sweden has been my home country for many, many years.

I have been an entrepreneur and CEO since 2007, and it has been a Lot(ta) of ups and downs and learnings. My business has grown organically with love and grit, and I have experienced the" good and the bad" in business. In addition, I have mentored and educated thousands of people globally, from health to entrepreneurship, worked with leaders in the network/social marketing industry, and have given direct and indirect connections to many worldwide. I am passionate about making meaningful connections and enjoy helping others achieve their professional and personal goals.

Before I became my own boss, my profession was as a elementary, high school- and university teacher and regional chairman for one of Sweden's teacher trade unions for ten years. I also worked as a health- and fitness instructor, leading groups and individuals.

Master's Degree in Didactic, Bachelor of Education. Certified ICF Business Pro Executive Coach. Bachelor's degree as a Health and Nutrition developer. Certified and licensed in several business and health/fitness/nutrition areas.

Thankful to so many who have been part of my journey so far. Family, friends, and business people. Relations are always the most important. The money I can lose and I can earn new. However, people and relations are different. Also, I am thankful to the few I have never personally met or been in contact with; still, they judge and have opinions about me. That is also learning. I can never be liked by and please everyone; my mission is to inspire and empower those open to it.

And finally, I thank myself for never giving up, taking responsibility, and taking the opportunities around me and learning from them.

I still have a lot to learn, and I'm a fan of "kaizen." To keep learning and become a little better every day.

As a woman and if You want to position Yourself for the next Gen. of the internet. 
How can You do that, and how can I help You?

DARE to step out of Your comfort zone.
STAND at the forefront and Welcome the Opportunities that come with change.
ADOPT a beginner’s mindset and remain open to learning and growing.
TAKE ACTION and start to learn and repeat until it becomes new knowledge

My part will be to help You understand and learn the basics as a “newbie.” To see the different opportunities within Web3 so that You can decide if and how You want to position Yourself.

My passion and drive are to inspire and empower people and businesses around the globe. To use the skills and knowledge they have, learn new skills, and get more knowledge to grow and become successful individuals and entrepreneurs. I am incredibly excited to inspire and empower more women in the space of Web3 and help businesses develop a path into that area.

My main business over the last decades has been as a full-time Pro Executive Business Coach, Educator, Advisor, Developer, and Public Speaker. I have thousands of people worldwide whom I advised, mentored, and educated in leadership, personal- and business development, and entrepreneurship. In addition, I have a long experience in the health-, fitness & nutrition industries and worked with several companies in this area. Since Jan-2022, I also advise (no financial advice) Web3 companies, am active in several NFT- communities, and am a Community Curator.

I am a TEDx speaker, and an Executive Contributor, sharing my business articles with a global audience and part of an Entrepreneur Expert Panel for a worldwide magazine.

I came in contact with Web3 in 2015 (crypto). It could have been a better start, though it caught my interest in cryptocurrency, and I learned a lot, which opened my curiosity to learn more. I educated others and kept educating myself. On June- 21, I entered the NFT/Web3 space.

Having the possibility to have a work/business that works for and with You and not the opposite is the key to freedom for me. When I retired from being an employee for over 16 years ago, many people thought I was crazy. Having all this education and "giving it up" for the insecure life of being my own" boss." It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far.

I am honored and grateful for the many awards and recognitions I received for my work during the years, even if that's far away from what drives me. It's a reminder that I do inspire and empower someone. Not everyone but someone, and that's what keeps me going. Lates,t I was one of 20 Global Women Leaders to Look up to 2021 by Passion Vista & Unified Brain, CREA Awarded as one of the Top Entrepreneurs and Leaders 2022 together with entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Bill Gates, and Leonardo DiCaprio by Brainz Magazine and got my own profiled Coffee Table Book 2022.

Has it always been easy? Of course not! Nothing worth having comes easy and the thing is, the more times I have "failed," the stronger I have become. There are no failures in life; there are only new experiences. I have also made decisions in life that showed up to be less good and experienced the consequences of that. Still, I believe that everything brings something valuable with it. I believe in people doing good for each other with good intentions and that it will always return sooner or later.

I know my worth
I embrace my power
I develop my strengths
No other determines my story
I Do!

Most people want a change in their lives, and not everyone is ready or willing, but many are, and these people I love to support, so they see their potential and grow, step by step, into really successful individuals and entrepreneurs.

My business over the last decades has allowed me to travel a lot. I have been many days abroad, working and exploring new countries and continents that have inspired me to continue to do what I am doing, sharing my knowledge and passion for personal and business growth and for people to dare to make the change in life they want to have.

I spent many years working long hours as an employer before eventually going into business for myself. I believe that everything happens for a reason, also that I took the decision 16 years ago to leave "safe" employment and start my own business, which today allows me a lifestyle and FREEDOM where I can choose when, where, and with whom I work. However, it didn't happen over one night, and I still have much to learn and new personal goals to achieve.

I also believe that Everyone can be the best version of ourself and find our way to reach our GOALS with some help. No matter if it is in business or private life. If there is a will, there's a way, follow that way, and You will reach Your destination sooner or later. If You STOP, You never get there, which is what many people do. To be able to Do it anyway, even on the rainiest days and when the road has stocks in the way, it helps to have someone that holds You accountable.

To perform 100% in business and have the time for my private, family, and personal life, I know it is only possible by caring for both your mind and body. To "feed" the mindset and body with the right energy and exercise for 100% power and also to take the important recharge. Mental health and physical health are both equally important. With a drained mind and body, the performance will not be close to what You can and are made to do. Your health is your wealth!

Today, more than ever, the opportunities are so many. But everything might feel scary before You know what it is and how it works. One thing we know is that we can not collect and save time. Life is happening now, time is borrowed, and history has often shown us that older people with short time left on earth don't regret things they did; they regret the things and opportunities they didn't take.

So welcome to "my" world of innovation, where success is not only about the bottom line but also about personal growth and well-being. As the CEO/Founder and a seasoned Entrepreneur, I've been helping people and businesses grow and prosper for years. Though that's not all - as a Pro Executive Business Coach, advisor, and educator, I'm passionate about empowering others to achieve their dreams and goals.

However, what might set me a bit apart, is my holistic approach to life. As a health, fitness, and nutrition developer and philosopher, I understand the importance of caring for oneself - both physically and mentally - to achieve success. When You prioritize your own well-being, You become a better entrepreneur and human being.

As a TEDx- and public speaker, I've had the opportunity to share my insights with audiences worldwide. Though I'm not here to talk You into "something," I want to inspire and empower You to take action. So if you're ready to take your life, business, and well-being to the next level, let's connect and explore the possibilities together.

Remember that You could eat a whole elephant. One bite at a time; allow the process to take its time!