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Lotta Spjut is a dynamic entrepreneur, Pro Executive Business coach, and advisor. She is also an educator and a health, fitness, and nutrition Developer – All rolled into one!

With a passion for education, Lotta has graced the TEDx stage and other public forums with her expertise on various subjects. As a seasoned entrepreneur, she has extensive experience in the web5 industry, using her business acumen to create successful ventures. Lotta leverages her diverse skillset to offer valuable coaching and advisory services. Both to companies and entrepreneurs looking to take their businesses to the next level.

In addition to her entrepreneurial, coaching, and advisory endeavors, she is committed to promoting a healthy lifestyle through her work in health, fitness, and nutrition. Lotta believes that a strong body and a strong mind work together. Therefore, being physically active is as important as being mindful and training our mindsets. With her wide-ranging knowledge and experience in these fields, Lotta is well-equipped to educate and inspire others to lead healthier and happier life. Lotta is a true renaissance woman, a multi-talented individual who excels in multiple domains, making her a valuable asset in any professional or personal setting.

The interview

In this interview, Lotta shares her experiences as a businesswoman and as part of developing knowledge in the Web3 space. In the interview, she shares the answers to questions like; How many women does she meet in the same field? Who are the women that inspired Lotta during her career and in her current space? What is her biggest challenge being a woman today in her profession, and has she encountered any obstacles in her profession as a woman, and if so, what and how did Lotta deal with them?

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