LS Mind Your Buziness

Lotta Spjut, Founder and Entrepreneur in my Best Years. Passion & Drive to Inspire & Empower People.

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What I can help You with

By choosing to work with me, You also get my experiences and empiric knowledge.

As a Speaker; many years of experience both IRL and online for small groups and full event halls.

As a Business Coach & Educator; +25 years educating and coaching students, leaders, employees, managements, board members, and networks.

As a Business Developer & Advisor, +16 years’ experience being an entrepreneur and the ups- and downs that it comes with. How to overcome challenges and grow as an entrepreneur and personally. Advised and helped businesses develop.

As a woman and if You want to position Yourself for the next Gen. of the internet. 
How can You do that, and how can I help You?

DARE to step out of Your comfort zone.
STAND at the forefront and Welcome the Opportunities that come with change.
ADOPT a beginner’s mindset and remain open to learning and growing.
TAKE ACTION and start to learn and repeat until it becomes new knowledge.

My part will be to help You understand and learn the basics as a “newbie.” To see the different opportunities within Web3 so that You can decide if and how You want to position Yourself.